A moments Reflection

Tis the season to be sure………..

3 work Christmas functions in a row…………

Alcohol flowing freely at each one………….

And not a drop passed these lips!

Oh, you are still being a good girl says one friend [whom I usually only get to see at work related events].

I laughed but am I? Really am I being a good girl just for not drinking???

And does that make her a bad girl???

From my perspective it is what it is, I’m neither good nor bad but simply doing that which nurtures me on so many levels.

But I went into that 3rd party coveting a drink, I wanted a glass of sparkling wine and I was inwardly pissed off that I couldn’t almost to the point where I was thinking STUFF IT – I am going to have a drink. I can if I want to. And that’s true, if I wanted to I could as the only one stopping me was me.

I’m pleased to say I didn’t and really I think it was most unlikely that I would have.

But there was a moment.

A very strong physically and emotional moment where as I waited in line at the bar that I very seriously considered saying a glass of bubbles – in fact I did actually say that……………………pointing to the bottle of non alcoholic sparkling red grape juice.

Whew, crisis over and averted.

Wonderful evening of talking, laughing, eating and hugging was had.

My point here is this; if not drinking makes me a good girl then does really wanting a drink and giving it serious consideration make me a weak girl???

For me the truth here is simple; a moment is simply a moment, it doesn’t have any power unless I give it some.

897 days of not drinking speaks volumes and totally nulify’s that one moment.

The power comes in having that moment, acknowledging that it’s a moment then realising you have moved on from that moment without auctioning it in any way and then rise up to acknowledge what you have done vs what you didn’t.

897 days vs 1 moment of struggle – it’s a clear victory.

I know that if I did choose [for it’s all a choice] to have that drink then I wouldn’t have stopped at one. And I would find myself exactly where I left off when I choose to stop drinking, not building back up to it but exactly right back smack in the middle of all that mess. I choose not to be back there.

I just want to finish with this – if you find yourself in a moment and feeling weak, like a failure or whatever thoughts you might choose to beat yourself up with , see it for what it is – just a moment and see what you’ve successfully achieved thus far.

It’s your choice where you choose to reside in belief and choose to give more weight to your success’s than those moments.

One moment cannot take away from 897 days of success.

Merry Christmas

In love and Laughter



4 thoughts on “A moments Reflection

  1. So nice to read this going into the holiday season. I had one sip in 6 months and it was the worst night for me but has left me feeling grateful that I decided not to drink again and feeling like I never will want to drink. I know that at some point in the next 30 years there will be a desire to drink but that it is easy to move on and through that feeling. Happy holidays to you and yours.


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