Sometimes no motivation is a good thing

Each year for the last 6 or 7 we have had a gathering of friends up here for new years and after the hugs and kisses at midnight we each share how successful we have been at goals set for the year just passed and set goals for the year ahead of us.

And as I’ve been giving thought to what mine may be for 2017 I wondered if I should keep staying sober as one of those goals – after all I’m 2.5yrs in now, this is my 3rd sober new year.

As I pondered this, this is what I learnt;

I still feel the desire to drink on occasion, I still feel the urge to have that glass of wine on occasion, sometimes I even feel pissed off that I can’t so okay the potential to drink is very real.

However – and this is a biggie – I am not motivated to!!! Desire, urge but no motivation. No motivation = no action ergo I don’t drink.

I am however motivated for all the reasons I gave for and for all that I have gained and learnt to continue to stay alcohol free.

So I’ll keep it as a maintained intention but it’s so empowering knowing that I have no motivation to have that drink.

A thought or an urge is only that, without motivation there is no action thus all is well and we are still in control.

Happy New Year Everyone

May it be safe and fun with plenty of giggles, good food, dancing or whatever is your flavour