A Quandary of Sorts.

I’m off to San Francisco in March. This is a good thing – I had a taste of SF back in 2013 which tickled my taste buds leaving me wishing I’d had more time in this city. So yes, I’m looking forward to going back.

This visit is on conference for hubby’s work, there is plenty of down time to do what we want along with some organised events.

One of these events is an 8am – 6pm visit to Sonoma and Napa valleys. This is where my quandary arises – we have always supported all supplier funded activities on these conferences, I think it’d be rude not to – BUT these gorgeous valleys are well known for successful grape growing and wine producing. And having spent a day wine touring through here I am somewhat acquainted with their wines.

Now I have very fond memories of that day, the food and the tastings, the bottle purchased and consumed with cheese, crackers and relish for dinner that night, yes I have very good memories and I won’t deny them. However it’s not the good memories that had me choosing to stop drinking.

And here’s my dilemma, while these areas are gorgeous and may have more to offer than I am aware of I know them for the wine. So I have made a reasonable assumption that we are in for a wine tasting adventure – which holds no appeal,  a day spent standing to one side while people delight in something new and possibly succumb to the influence just doesn’t do it for me. I would much rather just not go at all [and spend the day going into Yosemite].

It’s the fear that I may succumb to the philosophy of just a taste, fear that just a taste will lead to just one glass, fear that just one glass may will be the slippery slope backwards and the belief that it is a reasonable possibility that has me thinking right here and now I’m not doing it, I won’t go. In this instance I shall make a conscious choice to not be the team player that day.

I am going to be proactive here with seeking information before making a final decision but I’ve already indicated to hubby that I don’t want to do it, I don’t want to do a wine trail even through amazing scenery.

I just don’t think I can.

Does that make me weak? Am I just talking myself into failing?


It makes me wise.

It shows my self awareness and demonstrates how I can nurture myself.

It shows courage.

I won’t deny that I have times when I’m tempted back into the drinking scene, when I’d like nothing more to kick back on my deck or in the hot tub with a chilled glass [bottle] of Rose. Yes it’s true, sometimes that desire is strong and the only reason I haven’t is that my desire not to is even stronger. My desire to stay on this course is true.

So, even though I don’t like to rock the boat I may just have to in this case.







4 thoughts on “A Quandary of Sorts.

  1. Rock the boat. There’s nothing self supportive or fun about attending a full day of wine tasting if you don’t drink.

    It sounds like there are other options that interest you. Put yourself first. Choose them.

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