Yeah, I’m Rockin It!

Yeah, I’m Rockin It!

A couple of weeks ago I attended a work function with my husband in Auckland. It was an awards evening.

Lovely night, good company, great music and fun on the dance floor.


It was held at the Villa Maria winery, which is a nice venue.

I did comment it’s like having my nosed rubbed in my sobriety though, going to a winery. Then thought over, done and dusted.

 I woke the next morning feeling decidedly average, head achy and slightly nauseous. All the makings for a hangover. And I confess I did mix my drinks which never served me well in the past. However I don’t think my one wine glass of coke zero, my two wine glasses of orange juice and lemonade and my two wine glasses of antipodes sparkling water are hangover material.

The good thing about my mock hangover was after a shower and breakfast I was back on from and raring to go, home that is.

 During that evening one of hubby’s work colleagues asked me if I was “still being good about not drinking” and I proudly told him “yes, a little over two years now”. The look on his face indicated how impressed he was; yep I’ll take that as a compliment.

Later on during that evening when I was hitting the sparkling water pretty hard hubby asked how was my water, awesome I told him. I’m quite partial to sparkling water and appreciated it being on the drinks menu. He shook his head and told me he doesn’t know how I do it and how proud he is of me.

Now he doesn’t say those things often about my not drinking, after all it’s just how it is. But I loved hearing it.

I know how I do it and I know why I do it and I know what I’ve gained by doing it and keep on gaining but you know it’s nice to stop a moment, take the time to survey and enjoy the success of doing it and doing it well.

It gave me such a lift, brought a smile and still brings a smile to my face and lights me up with love and pride.

Still does actually.

So yeah, I’m rockin it and lovin that I am.

 yours together in sober life




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