Hot Chocolate and Pink Hunting Shirt

Okay so the two don’t obviously go together per se but both were part of my purchases yesterday.
Simple pleasures equating to a lovely time out.

The purchasing of a hot chocolate is a relatively new thing for me. I didn’t use to do hot drinks at all but in the recent past I’ve been having the odd hot chocolate at home and now when I’m out with others having a coffee [or a beer/wine as some did yesterday] I ordered a hot chocolate. Interestingly enough I felt rather grown up and definitely trendy drinking out of my big cup with foamy milk sprinkled with chocolate powder.
I chatted and I laughed and I engaged.
I’d pick up my cup, take a sip and sit it back down on its matching saucer.
Yep, very grown up and somewhat lady like.
Simple pleasure.

Lunch with the group over I ambled up the street with hubby killing time before we headed into the movies. We did my favourite shop – a book shop, then headed into his – the hunting and fishing shop. He came out empty handed while I emerged with a sort sleeved pretty pink camo fleece hunting shirt. Pretty darn cool if you ask me, maybe not grown up exactly and perhaps trendy in a very select set but I felt the prettiness and fun of it all.
Simple pleasure.

On to the movies where hubby held my hand through the entire movie occasionally rubbing my wrist with his finger, maybe absent mindedly as he focused on the movie, and I loved it. Feeling loved, enjoying the connection.
Good movie, full of laughs and lovely New Zealand scenery. Enjoyed with someone pretty special.
Simple pleasures.

And there you have it, Sunday spent immersed in the art of enjoying simple pleasures.
Arriving at the days end feeling joyful and buzzing on a high of a good time.
No intoxicating substances required to get me there.

Simple pleasures.
Can’t beat them.

Happy Regards


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