6 thoughts on “Pass the Milk Please

  1. Is such great way to really connect with people and look them in the eyes when everyone is sober and not bumping into each other with drinks in their hands. In my family we have completely re-imagined our social interactions so as not to give booze the default headline billing – mornings, outdoors, moving – not just sitting around a table drinking – all works to deflect away from an alcohol focus and more about the people who have made the time to come and meet with the other people who are making the time.
    Thanks, I appreciate how you are sharing your journey and energy – it is inspiring to pop in here each time

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  2. Hi Gael!
    I love high tea! I’ve had spicy chocolate, but not spicy hot chocolate!
    It all sounds yummy!!
    Once I went to a dry Super Bowl party. Now that was something I never knew existed.
    At the time I didn’t like it because I was still drinking.
    Now, I would LOVE it!!
    Hope you get to wear the pretty shoes!


    • Hi Wendy,
      Spicy hot chocolate had chilli in it – great combo chili and chocolate – and it was definitely yummy.
      I did get to wear my pretty shoes and all should be a go for the shoes this weekend.
      Look forward to hearing all about your holiday.


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