Lesson learnt the hard way.

Although really, is there any other way to learn a lesson???

I have a sore Achilles tendon, it’s inflamed and the lump which comes and goes on the back of my ankle, while clearly indicative of an inflamed Achilles tendon,  I’ve recently learnt also denotes a potential partial tear.

Great, just bloody great.

So, I’m doing the best I can with the information I was given to bring about wellness. Turns out I had underestimated the seriousness of the situation and the length of time it takes to turn this around.

Oh well, she’ll be right, Right?

Um no.

Last week I had a few days in Auckland with hubs for his work. There was a very formal dinner one evening, full suits for the gentlemen and dressy evening wear for us girls.

I had my little black number, brought some firm control sheer black tights and all that was needed was a snappy pair of footwear. In my wisdom [well belated wisdom as I packed them with the intent to wear and took them all the way to Auckland to sit in my bag] I decided my usual pair of heels weren’t going to cut it with this Achilles issue.

So……………..off I took myself shopping for a lesser high heeled shoes. And it all went downhill from there, literally actually as I walked all the way down Queen St trolling the shoe shops for just the right snappy dressy black shoes. Well all that walking plus the trying on and walking around in shoes that simply just weren’t going to work no matter the heel size because – wait for it – sore Achilles tendons DON’T DO HIGH HEELS, AT ALL, made a sore situation so much worse.

Well, bugger me. What a revelation. So I did the only thing I could do. I walked all the way back up the bloody street, ankle aching with the workout I’d given it, doing major stress over not having footwear to match my formal dress. Tears threatened to ensue. I had no alternative except my black boots which after that day weren’t ideal but I knew they at least offered some support.

Cussing and cursing [in my head] I walked back to the hotel to lick my wounds. Now you’d think I’d have it sussed now and rested up but no, off I went in a taxi to New Market to try my luck there. Oh for goodness sake! Have to say I did find potentially suitable footwear at an awesome price but did they have them in my size – of course not.

After contemplating not going out at all given my outfit didn’t quite match I dug deep and found my big girl knickers and got on with it.

I wore my boots and since I couldn’t see them unless I made a point to look I didn’t give them much thought and got on with enjoying the evening. [I admit to a little quiet sulking when I couldn’t dance, The Lady Killers were playing].

The big lesson I learnt was had I actually listened to my instincts before leaving home I would have packed my little black sneakers, okay not dressy but I wouldn’t have stressed out my ankle or gotten myself into a ridiculous emotional mess because I couldn’t wear the shoes I wanted. I would have been comfortable and not risked a full blown rupture.

Really, what the hell would it have mattered! The world wouldn’t have come to a complete shocked halt and I wouldn’t be trying now to undo the damage I did.

Tough lesson learnt, nuture myself over what I think people might think. WHO CARES. But I am all about doing it the tough way. Sucks at the time but it was a good lesson well learnt.

Anyway, I have a wedding to go to on the 9th of April. Got the dress, so now just need to find the right pair of shoes…………………………………….


2 thoughts on “Lesson learnt the hard way.

  1. Hi Gael!
    I am very sorry to hear about your injury!
    I hope you heal quickly!
    Your post is timely for me, as my back is still bad, and I am trying to decide what to pack to go to Arizona. No one will care what I look like. I don’t need to take any selfies. I need comfortable shoes because heels will hurt my back too!
    And, I have a wedding soon and I have neither the dress nor the shoes!!
    Big Hugs!!


    • Hi Wendy, Hope you a fantastic time in Arizona. There can be no doubt that being practical lends itself to a lot more fun on occasion. Pleased to say I did find a pair of low sturdy heels yesterday so will go to this wedding with 2 footwear options – heels and tidy sneakers. Take care. Gael

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