My Doctor Said….

Consume sugar.

My Doctor said consume sugar, lots of it. In the means of energy drinks and chocolate, along with a diet coke, a nectarine and an apricot – all about balance.

Go eat sugar.

Well okay, those weren’t exactly her words but via creative interpretation of what she did say that’s the conclusion I arrived at.

Well, okay so she prescribed antibiotics and a second antibiotic is on the cards if I don’t show signs of improvement by Friday. Sugar actually didn’t get mentioned so technically as she didn’t say don’t eat sugar it’s a fair assumption it’s okay to go ahead and eat it.


Fair to say my coping mechanism with being ill isn’t the most nurturing. But I just seemed to fall into the consumeristic bane of purchasing said items. Of course not all is for today, I’ve left some to consol my fevered self with tomorrow. [Although I may have eaten tomorrow’s chocolate already]

I can only put my poor choice down to fuzziness incurred by a fevered mind.

Yeah Right [Tui ad right there].


I spent an agonising 4 days in conflict on whether I should or should not go to the Dr’s. I’ve been doing ill for around 10 days. The thing is I believe I should be able to heal myself, I believe the body has an innate wisdom to be well and knows what to do to be well except this time my body isn’t. I was for awhile showing clear signs of recovery but then floundered big time slipping significantly backwards. Rocked my self belief for awhile, I should be able to do well but I’m not, seems I can’t this time round.

Thankfully logic slipped a word or two in and realising the Dr’s was yet another tool in my arsenal to bring wellness back to my entire being I made the appointment to go.


Good thing is I don’t have pneumonia. Not that it was very likely, in fact it was pretty remote but my sick ego wants a little attention and that sounds wonderfully dramatic and worthy of some sympathy. I do have an infection though that has got it’s claws in.

To make things just a little worse my body has decided to throw in a developing dose of thrush. O.M.G. Really!!!!!


Clearly though I remain firmly in the clutches of a sugar addiction. Crap and bloody crap. As much as being ill pisses me off [even more so because I am missing my grandson fix tomorrow] not being able to bypass the lure of a sugar fix pisses me off more.

I was able to quit drinking and successfully so. You’d think it would be easy to do the same with sugar. I must admit here that this addiction is far worse than my drinking was but the emotional/mental feelings and beliefs that go with it are pretty much the same.


I wish I had a positive ending to this post, one full of self growth and development but I don’t. I guess though I know I will bounce back from being ill and I will bounce back from this sugar overload.

And I will continue to support myself through this one as I did through quitting to drink.


In the meantime I will go and pour another glass of sparkling water [thanks to my awesome soda stream] and park my temperature ridden self on the couch to rest and cool down.


Take care out there people.


In Good Health



9 thoughts on “My Doctor Said….

  1. Sugar never got anyone put in jail.
    It gets a bad rap, but if it helps you feel better when you are sick, enjoy it.
    But, like everything, don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s on,y food.


    • True sugar never put in anyone in jail but doesn’t do much for body image issues. And true it does get a bad rap, I do believe there is a place for it , maybe not in the way I consumed it though. Today is another day and nothing is gained by doing a number on yourself. Have a great day.


  2. Hi Gael!
    I am very sorry you are sick! And I hope you are on the mend soon!
    I am not too one way or another about food these days.
    My goal is to be sure I get enough fruits and veggies a day, and enough protein.
    I love nuts.
    Now I focus on portions.
    I eat anything I want, just not too much of anything.
    When I am sick, I tend to want sweeter foods, too.
    Especially if I get a cold.


  3. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog. May I ask, what is the best tip you can share about starting my own recovery blog?




    • Hi Alan,
      Thank you.
      Hmm, my best tip? To be honest I’m not very techno savvy so I goggled free blog sites and found WordPress which was easy to set up. Blogging is a wonderful healing tool and I really recommend it. I know there are many possible blog sites to choose from so I recently questioned my clever son and he said WordPress is one of the better ones and is user friendly. Hope that helps. I wish you well in establishing a recovery blog.


      • Thanks for the super practical tips I really appreciate it! I hope to inspire others to write as well. All the best, Alan


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