Progressing Downhill

It’s December now and there is no denying we are in a downward slide towards Christmas. It’s coming and it’s coming soon.

This will be my second sober Christmas and I’m sliding towards it with confidence and with wisdom and with experience.

I’ve made wonderful progress since that day I choose to go sober, 521 days ago. So I’ve come through the festive seasons festive functions with confidence and it’s with that same confidence I head into Christmas itself. Confident I won’t drink, confident I will stay sober and confident I will do the same at New Years. Confident it will be a non issue as this is my normal, it’s not my new normal, it is just simply what I do, it’s my normal.

I now have the wisdom to know that  there will likely be a part of me that will potentially get a hankering for a glass of bubbles, that will feel like I want a drink. It’s funny though, my wino self has given up any hope of that happening and she has taken up a dormant residence way in the background of myself and barely even raises an eyebrow when those remnant hankerings occur.

And from experience I now know I don’t have to react to those thoughts, that they have no power over me and pretty much as soon as those thoughts come in they are on their way out again.


I also know I will have a great time. That’s it, I don’t need to say I’ll have a great time being sober because having fun is just normal to. And that is pretty cool. And it’s so exciting.

This downhill slide is one ride definitely worth being on.


4 thoughts on “Progressing Downhill

  1. Dear Gael,
    I’m back!
    This will be my second Christmas sober too.
    I love this post, because I too will have a great time.


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