The Sober Drunk Dancer and The Angry Drunk

It seems even fully sober I can dance like I’ve had a few and am too drunk to care. Thankfully that wasn’t the case although I did mix my drinks at dinner, which in my drinking past did not make for a pretty picture the following morning.

Let me fill you in first on what actually went down. Saturday was the first of a few Christmas functions. It began with hubby’s work social club function of a boat cruise and lunch. Drinks provided of course. It was a lovely afternoon with good company and thankfully calmer seas as we cruised back in to port.

Upon docking we boarded the bus and were whisked away to a combined branch company function comprising of dinner and a show. Again good company and plenty to drink. I personally mixed my drinks which in the past always proved extremely unwise. This time of course as my drinks were of the non alcoholic variety all was well with no harm done.


But perhaps the mixing of the drinks lead to the carefree abandonment with which I applied to my dancing style on the dance floor.  At one point I commented to my friend and fellow dance partner [there was a small group of us] that it seems I dance sober the way I danced drunk. Not exactly sure if that’s a good thing, certainly no one would accuse me of having enviable rhythm. Indeed if the fits of laughter my friend was in at my dance moves to Madonna’s Like a Virgin were anything to go by I had applied a huge dose of humour. And I didn’t care, I was sober! I was having an absolute ball! And I am happy to dance like no one is watching! Though of course the music has to be right. I can easily rock it to good ole 80’s music. The good thing about being sober, despite the apparent drunkenness to my moves, was never having to worry about wobbling off my feet. Or getting dizzy and wobbling off my feet.


Proof I think of the ability to have fun, to have hilarious fun, to have totally genuine real authentic fun while totally sober. In fact I’m sure some thought I had been drinking. And the people I was partying with, getting down on the dance floor with, had been drinking. I most certainly wasn’t boring. I was just me having fun.


What wasn’t fun, and which most fortunately didn’t get out of hand or ugly in any way though the potential to was there, was the one chap who didn’t know when enough was enough and turned in angry drunk, it’s not my fault drunk and he’s over reacting drunk. This chap did cause a small scene but it was quickly in hand and very reluctantly on his part he was dispatched home. Sadly his actions resulted in 3 other people who had travelled with him having to leave the function early missing out on much of the entertainment [including the action on the dance floor!!!]. I had been keeping an eye on him as I felt after being asked to leave earlier and being given a hall pass to stay by management he was brewing up an attitude looking for trouble.  Even worse, in my book anyway and I am happy to accept any labels of being judgemental here, he had his VERY pregnant wife with him. Not cool, so not cool.


Aside from this one person I was actually very impressed with how well these people had behaved and how they had approached their drinking. Once upon a time a work function meant free booze meant consume as much as you can because the company owes us. Lately at varying events I’ve attended its clear there is a different attitude to drinking, a different climate around it and its awesome. Yes there are the ones who get drunk, one chap on the bus home was delightfully chatty though he did struggle at times to get his words out right which appeared to surprise him. And angry drunk incident aside, everyone was well behaved and respectful of the other people around them.


There is a long way to go of course to a bigger understanding that socialising without alcohol can be done and it can be fun. I am living breathing proof of that.  But there is definitely a bigger understanding that you don’t need to be all in drinking as much as you can.


This week I have 3 functions coming up, 2 work related and 1 social. This is my second Christmas as a non drinker and it’s so normal going into the silly season as a non drinker now. Last year I was sure I could do it and this year I know I can because I am.


It’s easy. It’s normal. It just is.


Together in Strength



5 thoughts on “The Sober Drunk Dancer and The Angry Drunk

  1. Oh!
    I love dancing, and although I don’t much of a chance, when I do now, sober, is its just as much fun, in fact more fun!!!
    Just like you said!!
    The new better than before normal!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Gael I envy you! It seems all my rhythm left when I sobered up (actually it left after my kids were born but I like blaming it on sobering up). I now look like a plain old white girl on the dance floor just swaying to the music. (LOL)

    I do love going to functions sober and I love going home sober even more. My husband is appreciative also since I was always a pain in the ass when I was drunk.

    Bravo you!



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