Tree Hill Addiction

I’ve had this bit of a blog muddling around in my head for a few days now, writing and rewriting itself. I’ve left it there, not thinking it was much of one but it’s persisted and in fact I’ve been giving a to the subject of this post or at least the why’s of this subject.

I suspect I’m not making a lot of sense so I’ll just get down to it. A few weeks back while doing sick I was channel surfing and came across a programme I hadn’t seen before and in that one episode I was hooked, line and sinker. I feel in love with the show, the characters, the location.
The show is One Tree Hill, set in a small American town.
I am so into the show. I’m not actually sure what season I’ve begun in but it’s certainly not the beginning. I don’t feel a need to go back to the beginning but hell will break loose if I miss a show going forward.

I’m so devoted I have set it up to automatically record each day it’s on, even though most days I do actually get to sit down and watch it. I actually get excited when the hour rolls round to plant butt in seat and watch. I don’t know what it is about this show, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a show where when it’s hour is up I feel bereft, I am not reading for the episode to finish.

Now, if about now you are thinking Gael, you so need to get yourself a life, well it gets worse. The other day to my absolute horror and subsequent panic the auto record set up didn’t. It didn’t record and I MISSED IT . Tears threatened, I scanned the planner more than once in the hopes that the recorded episode would be there but it just wasn’t. IT JUST WASN’T.
Deep breaths, take deep breaths. I then searched the guide to see if by some miracle that episode was replayed and to my absolute joy and total relief it was. Auto record was set for 1.20am and checked, double checked and a final triple check to be sure. Then every subsequent day the show was on was set up to auto record again for good measure.

To be honest I astound myself at my devotion to watching this show. I don’t want to miss a thing that is happening to and with each character. They are like old friends. It’s crazy.
During yesterday’s episode I was in tears, then suddenly the hour was up and life here continued as normal .

I just want to point out that I have a life, a good life. My life just happens to need this tv show in it.
Right, time to go. Getting excited, show is on in 15 minutes.

Anyone else a fan……………………………


3 thoughts on “Tree Hill Addiction

  1. I’ve never seen that show but let me tell you, there are many that I feel that way about. I’m a TV person and not ashamed of it one bit. I loved Friday Night Lights and now I’m loving Parenthood. That feeling when an episode is finished and you don’t want it to be or when you (gasp) have seen all the shows there are…EVER? I call that my TV hangover and I have a love/hate relationship with it.

    I’m looking for another show to watch after I’ve finished Parenthood. I think One Tree Hill might be it thanks to you!



    • Sherry babe, I love you. You totally get it. My last series I loved was Judging Amy. One Tree Hill is great, look forward to hearing what you think when you take it up sometime.


  2. Gael!
    I get upset if I miss a Housewives show!
    I love watching them!
    I’ve never heard of One Tree!
    I’m like Sherry, too!
    I want to keep watching, and I hate it when they end!


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