Oh How I long to Laugh

Oh, how I long to laugh
A laugh that is rich in melody
Not just a laugh that shows on my face or in my eyes
But a laugh that lights my heart
A laugh that rises from my soul
Anchoring me into the earth
So that the earth may laugh to.

I feel the smile the lingers on my face
That smile that shines inwards
Tickling my heart
Stirring the memories of my soul
And that smile grows
I feel it wrap itself around me
And I know the comfort of it
I rest a moment
Feeling it’s warmth resonate through me

Then I wait
I wait for the laugh to come
The laugh that tells me I have woken


4 thoughts on “Oh How I long to Laugh

  1. Oh, this is LOVELY!
    You are helping me!
    Writing is how I can be creative now that I can’t hear music anymore. Or make music.
    I want to write more now, too!
    Love this Gael!!


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