I’ve got the Creative Feeling………

My inner self wants to write. What it / I want to say I don’t really know, I only know there’s a real need to do it. A real need to write.
And so my hand picks up my pen and my brain begins processing sending the words through my hand into the pen and onto paper [and keyboard].
I feel good. I feel right, it feels like the right thing to do.
My soul laughs and my heart smiles.
All because I choose to act on a simple but important need, that to write.
I am loving this life I live. It’s freed up my locked words, it allows the words out.
And as I live here I am learning how to make my days count in a way that when the day reaches it’s end I feel good about the day, about my self and about what I have achieved in that day. I am making the hours in that day count in so many ways, ways which allow me to do what I want to do [like write, read, self directed study, watch a movie] and what I feel I need to get done, what I choose to get done [like picking up all the branches, mucking out, those necessary farm jobs]. I plan each day out, scheduling in the wants and the to do’s and I feel productive, in control and valid. I like the sense of achievement and accomplishment I feel and I like indulging in the down time of each day without the guilt I once use to associate with it. This provides me with a heightened sense of happiness.
I went into the bush today to meditate, to be mindful, to listen, to simply be. It was beautiful, calming and grounding. I felt the energy of the land. I heard the roar of the wind in the tree tops long before I felt it rush about me. I sensed when the clouds parted to allow the sun to shine through and delighted when I was rapt briefly in the sun’s cheering warmth before the clouds moved back to claim occupancy of the sky. I heard the birds call out, confident and free.
I am free to breathe up here.
I am free to be me.
And so my soul wants to write.
And my heart dances.


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