My Dressing Gown Makes Me Lazy

It’s true, as silly as it may sound, my dressing gown makes me lazy.
I love my dressing gown, it’s warm and soft and comfortable and cosy and a gift from my husband. But it makes me lazy. If I put it on when I get up in the morning it’s harder for me to find the motivation to go back upstairs after breakfast to get dressed and go and feed out. I was becoming very adept at procrastinating and the stairs seemed so much steeper and my body so much heavier when finally I did force myself up them.

So I made a resolution [and here’s the really cool thing – you don’t have to wait until new years to make a resolution] that as soon as I get up in the morning I put on my farm clothes straight away. And already I feel more energised and motivated. I’ve found I am more fully awake and immediately productive.

I’ve made other resolutions to. Inspired by Gretchen Rubins “The Happiness Project, Better than Before and my current read Happier at Home” I am inspired to make changes both physically and mentally/emotionally and each change has the capability to affect me on all levels and as a side effect those around me.

Another key resolution I made was to make my bed every morning, usually after feeding out and certainly no later. The bed usually got made each day but I was pretty flexible on just when I got it made and have even been known to make it just before we got back into that night.
It’s a simple act, doesn’t take up much time and only a minimal amount of energy but it helps to set the tone for my day. And I feel a deep sense of satisfaction at having accomplished it.
And should the cat come along and unmake some of it as she settles in for her siesta I still feel job done and job done well. Tick!

I resolved to act more loving, be kinder and more grateful. And what I’ve found is the nicer I am, the more I say thanks for doing………………………[whatever was done] the more good about life I feel. I was gifted the wonderful sense of simply feeling good, feeling joyful. Doing good = feeling good. Win win really. The bonus off shoot of this is that hubby without really being aware he was doing it actually offered to help more. He has responded by being more helpful [without being asked], more appreciative and more happier himself. Cool.

As Gretchen says in her book “One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy. One of the best ways to make other people happy is to make yourself happy”.
Never a truer word was said me thinks.
I feel good when something I have done or said leaves someone else feeling good and I benefit from that because I get it back.

I do resentful and am known to adopt snotty behaviour when I feel I am being taken for granted. I don’t do things to specifically receive adulation, heartfelt thanks, rewards etc but I am equally aware that actually I do like things I do to be acknowledged. I’m working on that, on not needing that reinforcement and it’s incredible how wonderful that can feel and how liberating it is. I do still enjoy positive feedback, getting that “gold star” but if I act the way I want to feel then I am rewarded none the less.

Next up is finishing off the office upstairs. Its part of the upstairs lounge and the only other room up here is our master bedroom. But I’ve been inspired to create a more inviting, more functional work space area. My idea is that in doing so I’ll set up a space that says work to me and where I will be less likely to give into distraction. I’m getting a bookshelf made and it will house the books I have yet to buy but also books I already own and want to do self directed study from and the books I am yet to read. It’s exciting and I already have a vision of what will sit on top of this shelf aside from the printer. The little tea set I brought back from Hong Kong, an old lantern and photos of my boys. And I am thinking of putting the big baby photos up of the boys along with other photos as they come in to being. A photo wall. A shrine to my family and to activities we have participated in or places we’ve been to.

And the biggest thing I’ve realised here is that I need to share more of what I am thinking and planning and strategising with Hubby.
Having him on board, his participation and when needed his assistance is invaluable. We are a team and I like it when we are behaving as a team. We make a good team most of the time.
Act the way I want to feel. I want to feel a part of this team and so I act as part of this team.

And so all of these inspirations, changes, resolutions and strategies are all designed to allow me to be a happier me, to support me in Being Gael and to enhance further growth.
Honestly I can’t recommend these books enough and forgive me if you find them a recurrent theme in some of my blogs but I am currently fully immersed in them. I do understand though what makes me happy won’t necessarily result in happiness for someone else but I’ll put it out there just in case.

Finally I am formulating a plan of habit regarding body image and dare I say it – weight. A thorn in my side for sure of gigantic proportions but I believe I’m onto something here. Gone are the must lose weight resolutions and in place I have established a plan to nurture a healthier me in acknowledgment of my values. It’s about living up to my standards for my life, about living the life right for me.

It’s a work in progress but watch this space.
But on a finishing note new resolution: no eating after 7pm [with the exception of going out to dinner and if friends are round to watch the rugby]. I know I am not hungry so in valuing my body and with the aim to love and nurture I don’t add in what is not required. And while I physically benefit on an emotional level I feel good about myself and this decision.

Yours In Strength
Gael – being Gael.


One thought on “My Dressing Gown Makes Me Lazy

  1. Hi Gael!
    I love her books!!
    I have also worked on pairing two habits together.
    I too get very lazy in my pj’s.
    Changing when I get up helps me, too!
    Having your husband on your side is awesome.
    You guys are a team!


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