The Joy of Sharing

Recently a friend visited, one I don’t catch up with very often.
She had stopped drinking 6 years ago and reckons she has never looked back. I knew she had stopped drinking and when she found out I had she was so excited for me.
So very excited like I had done the most brilliant incredible thing ever!!! And she was thrilled to share that with me.
It was kind of neat actually and I realised that I’ve never had that kind of reaction before, not with someone in person. People have been super supportive or really interested but this is the first person I’ve actually spoken to who gave up drinking for problem related reasons.

I never knew drinking was such an issue for her but she told me when she gave up one of her friends said that it so great, now we won’t have to look after you when we go out. She shared her stories with me and we had a fun time talking and laughing.
Moderation was something neither of us could do and so abstinence was the only solution.

She spoke of how she has never looked back, of how her life has changed completely and of how since making her decision she loves the person looking back in the mirror at her.
I told her I totally got that, how for the first time in my life I actually like myself, I feel love for myself and how I believe now that I’m actually kind of a good person.
Her response – “I bet that has only happened since you gave up drinking”.
And she is so right.

It’s moments like that which reinforce the certainty and the continuity of my decision. And it’s those moments to that give my strength when I think I might like a drink and sometimes I do think that but I never act on it.
Another friend told me recently how proud she is of me and I thought to myself “yep, actually I am very proud of myself”.

I am a much stronger person now and it’s that strength that lets me rise up again when my thoughts turn dark and my self love takes a nose dive which it does from time to time.

The day I made the definite decision to stop drinking and to stop drinking for all my life, despite the anxiety and fear, was the best decision I have ever made.

Choosing to stop drinking alcohol equals an increase in self worth.

Who knew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Together in Strength


6 thoughts on “The Joy of Sharing

  1. It is a great place to be no doubt. Hopefully one day I will manage to reach that place as well. Posts like yours always inspire and motivate me. They show that life is beautiful without alcohol.


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