Opening the Closet Door

One of Gretchen Rubin’s commandments from her book The Happiness Project was To Be Gretchen.
It’s a good one and I’ve adopted it for my list of commandments, of course mine says To Be Freebreezi.
And as I pursue the idea of a new blog I am strongly thinking of doing it as from me, not my Freebreezi persona. We are of course one in the same but if I want to be authentically me, if my aim is to Simply Be Me then I think I should put my given name to it. No more anonymity.
It’s an exhilarating thought but it’s a very scary one. No more hiding behind my online name. I guess really no more hiding.
With this current blog I have remained anonymous so I don’t share any of the posts on here with family and friends but with Simply Being Me then it’s open to doing that.

Which begs the big question…………………………am I ready for that??? Will I feel a need to censor what I write so I don’t offend any people who may find themselves possibly mentioned in a post?? Am I brave enough to Simply Be Freebreezi??
Quite frankly it’s time. Quite frankly I think it’s time I stopped feeling chicken shit about things in my life and to quote Sherry and Wendy I should Just Do It.

Whoa, that’s got the gut butterflies churning.

Here’s the thing – I resigned my job of almost 9 years to move up here and to stay up here on the farm, I actually moved up here and spend a lot of time on the farm alone, I stopped drinking months ago and have stuck to that resolution, I advertised my healing business and have worked on new clients [strangers] and I’ve put myself out there in blog world, I beat doing CFS [chronic fatigue syndrome which robbed my of a life]. You know what, I Kick Butt!
Quite a few people didn’t think I would handle life up here but I’ve proved them wrong in so many ways. I am my hero.

So time to open that closet door and come out.


In Strength Together
Gael [aka Freebreezi]


7 thoughts on “Opening the Closet Door

  1. Hi Gael!
    OH! I need cookies too!
    I hope Sherry can send me some!
    Well, I get ice cream out of my closet!
    Ha, ha.
    When you put yourself out there, you always run a risk of running into a nasty person or accidentally hurting a person or something, BUT, you can always delete the blog if it doesn’t work out for you!


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