The Gift of Champers

While in Hawaii recently on conference/holiday [still buzzing from that] we received an expensive bottle of boxed up champagne.
Hubby’s work won a very prestigious award at awards night and on our arrival back to our hotel room later that evening we discovered the bottle of champagne at the end of our very large bed [so nice] with a note of congratulations.

Once, I would’ve been thrilled to find a prize such as this waiting for me [well us, but you know….me]. I would’ve excitedly checked it out then deliberately contemplated my options. Into the fridge with it or into the bag to take home?? And if option A was selected then while it chilled and if there was no wine glass in the room then out I would take myself to purchase a wine glass. It’s bubbles after all, no ordinary tumbler would do.
Honestly, I would have been as excited as that proverbial kid in the candy store.

And now, today? Well truth is I was still as excited. There is just a part of me that delights in getting surprise gifts [and I hope I never lose her] or quite simply put I love to get free shit.
So I got the bottle of wine out of it’s box and checked it out commenting to Hubby what a very thoughtful idea this was and then boxed it up and put it to one side.
Easy? Yes actually it was.

A day or so later I contemplated my options concerning that bottle of champagne. Option one was to take it back as a thank you gift for my sister, she would have enjoyed it but as there was no way our baggage weight allowance post shopping would allow it I choose option two.
I gifted it on to a fellow conference attendee / friend who was delighted with it. Although upon realising just what an expensive wine I had just given her tried to give it back. As they were staying on a few days she was looking forward to enjoying it.
And me, well my reward was her pleasure in receiving it.
And hubby, well he didn’t care. He wasn’t interested in drinking it anyway.

Don’t you love a story with a happy ending.

And incredibly, wonderfully and maybe just a little surprisingly not drinking it, not taking it home, not getting to indulge in it didn’t bother me in the least. In my early days of being sober it would have, it would have bugged the crap out of me but this time no regrets at all. I was just glad to have been able to do something constructive with it given it was gifted to us with the best of intentions.

Noh, not regrets at all.
I was way to busy working out baggage allowance to ensure we easily at no extra expense managed to get home all that grandson shopping we had great fun doing.
Now that makes my joy jar run over.


3 thoughts on “The Gift of Champers

  1. yahoo. a suitcase full of proper shopping versus a crappy bottle of champagne, I know what I would choose every time. Bravo to you indeed. Proud of you babe!!!
    ps you know I gave a bottle of wine away this week, it felt good. I am also about to give a bottle of champagne away too. yahoo


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