When is a Virgin not a Virgin?

When your pina colada has alcohol in it!
Yep, my virgin pina colada mocktail was not as innocent as I first believed.

Such was my experience in Hawaii at the hotel bar having pre dinner drinks. I thought I had a made a clear and simple drinks request. Certainly when my drink was delivered to me it looked innocuous enough and tasted totally scrummy.
Totally unaware of what lurked within I happily began to consume my so easy to drink mocktail when part way into it I felt a little weird. This, initially, I put down to a big very hot day out on the boat snorkelling and swimming with not a lot to eat and to post boat wave motions.
A little further on I again questioned the alcohol free status of my drink and asked another person to taste it. They felt quite sure it was fine, no alcohol. Now here is where I should have trusted my instincts but not wanting to cause a fuss nor draw attention to myself I choose to dismiss my suspicions and continued to drink away, joining in the conversations and having a good laugh whilst ticking away in the background of my mind was the nagging belief all was not right.
Confirmation of the contamination by alcohol of my drink came when said drink was finished and upon leaving to walk across the road to the restaurant I leaned over and said to my husband “if I had another one of those I’d be pissed”!

Ah yes, no doubts about the drink then.
Further confirmation came the next night with pre dinner drinks at the same location, but with a different server, I again ordered a virgin pina colada mocktail no alcohol [I was making sure I communicated very clearly that state I wanted my drink to arrive in] and received what was very clearly a virgin pina colada mocktail no alcohol.

Now, this slip up, innocent though it may have been, has not in any way, shape or form become a trigger or struggle for me. I did not then feel now it’s happened I may as well have another one, I’ve stuffed it now or any other self defeating mantras. I simply chalked that one up to experience and got on with my evening ordering a cranberry juice and soda water in a wine glass at dinner which was delivered to me looking very classy in its big wine glass complete with a wedge of lime and a wedge of lemon on ice. So classy and different in fact that it caught the interest of our waitress who was very intrigued.

I firmly believe the integrity and honesty of my sober status has in no way been compromised and I continue to remain committed to staying this way.
However this experience has once again reminded me very strongly and very clearly to trust in my intuition, it is usually right.


6 thoughts on “When is a Virgin not a Virgin?

  1. The bastards! They’re everywhere – trying to make us drink with all the shiny ads and neon signs and bars and late night music and sexy people and stuff.
    Hrrmmph! I’m so much more content locked away in my own mind doing yoga, ruynning endurance and writing books. Don’t let them win! We can do this!!

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    • Thanks for you comment Bren. Personally I believe it was an innocent error on the servers part and I acknowledge my responsibility for my wellbeing here. Thankfully it was for me a non issue and I am still a winner and still doing it!!

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  2. WOW, that is blimmen totally annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what next, serving rum in the kids coke??
    i am intrigued to know how it felt having one after all this time. was it liking have a whole bottle??
    well done anyway on being aware,and not caving.


  3. Hi Lisa, one for the books aye. As someone said I should’ve just put the suspect drink aside. Mostly it’s been a non drama for me. Aside from feeling weird I was okay. The thing with Pina coladas is the alcohol isn’t strong or obvious which is why I guess hubs couldn’t taste it. But if I hadn’t wised up and had another think I would have felt pretty foul.
    really rapt to be able to genuinely say caving was not an issue ever.


  4. I am glad you just continued on.
    I think that is healthier than beating yourself up.
    Also, thank you for being honest!
    I know I decided that if I ever had a drink, or started drinking again, I would tell my readers.


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