Sober In Rarotonga

So, I did it.
Had a wonderful time in sunny warm Rarotonga completely and wonderfully sober. From the plane ride to the availability of free cocktails on the beach as the sun set to the freely available wine at the dinners and on the boat I remained alcohol free.

Certainly there were plenty of opportunities where I could have availed myself of the wine or cocktails on offer and certainly my little wino voice was in support of uptaking that option and I choose to remain committed to myself and I choose to abstain. Even in those moments when wino self assertively pushed for “just one” I remained resolute. There was a brief moment when I did consider the “just one” option but quickly and easily dismissed that as one of life’s little impossibilities. Just one has a proven and reliable track record of not working for me, I figured why tempt fate when everything is going so well.

In fact the barman at the Pacific Resort made the meanest delicious virgin pina coloda. It came out in a fancy cocktail glass [I admit to being a big of a glass snob, I like the right one for the right drink…..] complete with the little umbrella and the red frangipani flower.

I wasn’t missing anything, I woke each day with a clear head and arose with enthusiasm for the days activities which lay ahead.

There was an interesting moment during the cocktails on the beach in the sunset where the tasty non alcoholic cocktail suddenly morphed into an alcoholic cocktail with the addition of a full bottle of barcadi. Crisis averted with the location of the bar and the purchase of a chocolate mocktail treat.

I think to I’ve had a bit of a growth spurt. When the I wish I could resentment moves in I simply flip it to I choose to stay sober because………….
It comes so easily and readily and is fully believable. And that fills my conviction cup to over flowing with gratitude and joy.

I’ve come along way.
And I did it, I had a tropical island holiday where drinking just wasn’t a big deal. Delightfully to there were a few around me abstaining or super lightly imbibing.
So there you are, totally doable to do a sober holiday and still have a fantastic time!!!!

Another who knew………………………me now!


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