Drinking Too Much……………

Is worse for your heart than being a teetotaller.

Well, go figure. And just for clarification a teetotaller is someone who completely abstains from drinking alcoholic beverages.

I was browsing through The Australians Women Weekly – February 2015 edition and came across this article “16 ways to live longer”; No 3 is as follows –

“Have a glass of wine at dinner. Moderate intake of alcohol, especially red wine, can reduce the risk of heart disease.  This benefit does have a caveat: drinking can potentially increase the risk of breast cancer and drinking too much is far worse for your heart than being a teetotaller”. David Agus – Cancer Specialist.

Hmm, what the hell do you say to that???

It amazes me that with all the things available to us and all the things we are able to do to promote healthier hearts and longer lives he promotes the moderate consumption of alcohol, a recognised poison with strong addictive potential, even while in the same breath acknowledging that it poses an increased risk of breast cancer!! And as for being a teetotaller, it almost reads like that is a potential health risk also but not as bad as drinking too much.

Holy sober confusion Batman.

I just laughed at the ridiculousness of that entire statement. Why promote wine at all as a life enhancing option.

I am damn sure my heart and quite clearly my breasts are far better off for me being a teetotaller, not to mention my liver.

Choosing to abstain from drinking alcohol has definitely been life enhancing for me and I’m sure has increased my potential for a longer happier life.

Sober is the new Cool and teetotalism rules!!!


2 thoughts on “Drinking Too Much……………

  1. My sister in law says that shit all the time. Hmmmmm. She won’t take hormones because of breast cancer risk but will drink wine. We have been sold a bunch of horse shit about wine being good for you. It is poison and almost killed me.

    Glad I stopped my hear thanks me along with my kidneys.




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