There is something inherently sexy…………….

About watching your man through the kitchen window cooking the dinner while you are luxuriously soaking in the warmth of the hot tub.

On my list of what bliss is, that is totally up there.

Nice way to end my 48th birthday.

So as I lay there soaking, enjoying the sights and sounds of hubby in the kitchen, I contemplated my day.  I have simply had a lovely day and I have felt valued and loved with texts, emails, hugs, phone calls and presents from family and friends.

My day began with breakfast in bed with my 2 enthusiastic girls keeping me company in hopes some titbits will come their way [my dogs]. Then one of the girls with huge excitement brought a present which she then let me have with great reluctance while the other girl was enthusiastic in her efforts to help me open it. I heard from both my boys and there was a gorgeous photo of my grandson on facebook wishing me a happy birthday. The tunnel house in now filled dirt ready for planting. I had lunch out. I don’t need grand gestures, just the simple acknowledgement that I matter and am loved has totally made this day a special one.

What’s more though is that yesterday was a special birthday, a sober milestone. I celebrated my 48th birthday completely sober and it was wonderful. It was easy, it was not an issue, it was normal.

I had a special glass and some bubbly red grape juice to toast myself with. Honestly, it was wonderful.

And I got to reflect on all of this soaking the day away in the hot tub surrounded by my amazing views of forest, bush and mountains whilst listening to the bird song and the frog song.

And then………….panic stations………………………a car was coming up the drive………………………… tub is easily visible………………………..I wasn’t wearing a swim suit, I wasn’t wearing anything!!!!

Amidst much giggling I jumped out of the hot tub and raced upstairs to make myself more presentable. Our neighbours had come for a visit and a drink. Much hilarity about my near miss with the hot tub.

So really nice chatting and laughing and drinking with the neighbours. Then finished up the evening back in the hot tub whilst sitting in the dark listening to the wind high in the trees and feeling the light drizzle on my face.

Sober birthday – tick.


5 thoughts on “There is something inherently sexy…………….

  1. happy birthday indeed. that sounds like an awesome day. well done you. can you stop making your house sound so amazizng, I might just turn up and not leave lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Lisa, you are welcome anytime for a visit. I’ll even give you a complimentary Reiki session, you’ll love it. Mind you given we are forecasted to get snow you might not want to come just now…….


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