Who Knew, I Mean Seriously, WHO KNEW??

I’m on the downward slide towards the one year sober countdown and I’ve learnt a few things along the way that have surprised me, certainly 287 days ago I wouldn’t have believed it possible. I guess logically I knew it could be possible, after all there are thousands of people out there somewhere for who all these things are simply normal, but my reality of those probabilities was way different.

So, who knew:

  • it was possible to celebrate the birth of a grandson without alcohol
  • it was possible to enjoy Christmas without bubbly wine
  • that it remotely possible to bring in the new year without a single glass of wine, not one glass
  • it was possible to socialise with alcohol consuming buddies and not have one yourself
  • it was possible to luxuriate in a hot tub without a wine in hand and the bottle nearby
  • it was possible to get to drink o’clock and simply not have one, a wine that is
  • it was possible to attend varying functions and remain totally wine free
  • it was possible to attend varying functions where the wine is readily available and free and still remain totally wine free
  • it was possible to go days then weeks then months without a drink
  • it was possible to feel relaxed about not having a wine, that it isn’t important or necessary to have one
  • it was possible to feel so good being alcohol free
  • it was possible to survive going sober
  • it was possible to come home to oneself by being alcohol free
  • it was possible to celebrate a 48th birthday with no wine [well okay I haven’t actually done that one yet but my birthday is this Friday and I am quietly confident I have it in the bag so I’m including it]
  • it was possible to have fun and be fun without alcohol
  • it’s possible to still be silly and giggly without any alcoholic influence at all
  • that it was even possible to have a good time and not drink
  • that choosing a sober journey would be full of so much learning about life and self
  • the weirdest things would trigger the desire/need/want to drink, like good day/bad day, happy/or not, sunny/raining, celebrations/just a normal day and so on
  • there isn’t actually any logical reason why I would want a wine for the above reasons, what is it I am wanting here, honestly damned if I know.
  • I would be saying I am the happiest I have ever been in my life

I mean, seriously who knew all those things were possible or would even be a consideration. I guess all those people who don’t drink but I wonder if I hadn’t drunk and chosen to change my behaviour would I know those things and appreciate them and learn so much about myself.

Who knew that choosing to be sober would be so life alterating.

Damned if I did.

But I do now and I won’t lie here, there are times when I do struggle with wanting to drink and debating on the wisdom of my choice but then I consider all what I have learnt and I soak up the strength from that and carry on sober.

I didn’t know all that back then but I do now.

How cool is that!


2 thoughts on “Who Knew, I Mean Seriously, WHO KNEW??

  1. that is bloody cool and i so get u! i get everything you have written and who knew indeed, certainly not me! but bloody hell, it is true and fantastic. you are doing great. hugs

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