No Easter Blues for this Girl

Easter has gotten off to an awesome start.

My son plus his partner and their son, my gorgeous 6 month old grandson, stayed last night and we woke this morning to the delightful sounds of a happy gurgling chatty little boy.

I went downstairs to see him and was greeted with the happiest of smiles and nabbing this little boy I snuck him back upstairs to say hello to Granddad still in bed. The smiles for Granddad were so big they almost filled the room and the reciprocal smiles matched it. Watching these two just warms my heart.

It’s been a beautiful day. And it occurred to me, this is my first sober Easter. Not having a drink just isn’t an issue, last year of course Easter was a special occasion and warranted celebratory drinking. I was thrilled with myself when it suddenly occurred to me I didn’t have to think about making sure I had plenty of wine in the house given today all supermarkets and liquor shops are shut.

What a buzz!

It’s funny how you can go from stress and anxiety over alcohol and really wanting it as I have done a few times recently to feeling so bloody awesome at not drinking and it not being an issue in my head. Crazy aye!!

Hubby is currently down at the neighbours having a drink…………………….or in this case most likely numerous drinks. Our neighbour is a really neat guy, comes across gruff, swears like a trooper but has a warm heart. He just likes a drink, he likes it a lot. Hubby certainly doesn’t mind a beer but generally doesn’t drink to that extent any more but equally doesn’t feel he can say no to more than just a couple. It’s early days yet so he just may, in the meantime he tries to limit his drinking moments with the neighbour.  I haven’t actually declared my sober status to these neighbours, it  simply hasn’t come up but potentially it could be an interesting moment.  And I’m not worried about that either.

The ups and downs of this sober journey and the broad spectrum of emotions that are available for experiencing is certainly never dull.

I am on the downward slide to being sober for a year, not quite at the counting sleeps stage but very much aware of it with a delectable sense of excitement about it. But before that happens I will be celebrating my very first sober birthday.

Now that’s a milestone!!!

Happy Easter Everyone.


4 thoughts on “No Easter Blues for this Girl

  1. oh Wow Gael, i got all tingly reading this. well done to you and you have so much to be grateful for dont you?
    happy upcoming birthday and happy easter to you too. that year mark is creeping up nicely isnt it? delectable indeed!!!!


  2. Happy Sober Easter!!! I’m not sure what your traditions are in your part of the world but chocolate tastes so much better sober.

    Enjoy that baby!!!! Aren’t they just a joy!



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