Challenge ticked off,

Went to the inlaw family bach for the weekend.  Hubby’s brother and wife there also. We had a nice weekend and half way through while walking right out on the beach [the tide goes out a long way gifting us a huge beach to walk on] and it suddenly occurred to me – We are at the bach: I don’t have any wine for wine o’clock: AND it never occurred to me to miss not wining and beaching at the same time.

Whoa, I was actually delightfully shocked. I didn’t miss it or desire it and even mourn what I was missing out on. I’d packed my grape juice and diet cokes and off I went happy as. That’s big!  It’s like I can tick off another challenge box as having been there done that and all is well. In fact all is awesome.

The other couple don’t drink much if at all. So offering to share my grape juice was received as just normal. No questions, no aren’t you drinking comments. Just no big deal.

This weekend’s challenge is my friends daughter’s wedding. My sister will be there also and she knows I don’t drink and doesn’t drink all that much herself. My friend doesn’t know. And yeah I am a little nervous, I think it’s just situation nerves and not I’m not sure I trust myself to not have a drink. In fact I do trust myself.  Plus I will be the sober driver.

Next month I am meeting an online sober buddy for the first time when I go to Auckland. We met through blogging. This is a first for me, meeting someone I only know online. But I am really looking forward to it.

Okay so I’ve done day 1 for stopping drinking alcohol and I’ve done day 1 for stopping drinking V [energy drink] and now today is day 1 for beginning a daily meditation practice. I’m setting the timer for 10 minutes and starting. No matter the mind chatter that is likely to arise as I work on being quiet I will stick it out. Practice makes perfect right.

Last year was my year to make a big change and this year is my year to really go with it and to grow.


2 thoughts on “Challenge ticked off,

  1. Yup. It’s noticing the chatter. Not trying to stifle it. Just letting it go.

    Great job on the beach. Ask your sister for support at the wedding if you need it. I bet she would love the help!


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