Day 1 – Done and Dusted

From drinking V that is, I’ve been booze free now for 228 days..

I know I need to stop drinking the poisonous sugar ridden stuff but I admit it I am addicted to it, I enjoy it and I’ve made it quite a habit over the past few years.

But yesterday I put it out there that it was my day 1 going with V. And I did it with success and ease. I think because I put it out there on the sober living website and couldn’t just pretend to myself in the safety of my head.Plus I figured if I can actually stop drinking when I was just as addicted and into just as big a habit then I can successfully kick the V to the curb.

 Of course the good thing here is I don’t have the same fear, anxiety, panic, grief etc in giving up V that I did with giving up wine.

 Day 2 is going to be really easy. I don’t keep any in the house [usually] and I’m not down the mountain today so can’t buy any plus hubby is home and he really HATES me drinking the stuff. The funny thing is on the odd occasion when I would bring a bottle home to have the next day [hubby away at work of course] I’d hide it. In the vege bin in the fridge under the carrots and broccoli and peppers where he’d never find it. Weird aye. I never had to hide booze and I never felt inclined to.

 So day 2 into kicking another bad habit back to where it came from. I’m feeling good about it. And I’m so glad I put it out there, gives me the strength to see it through.

It’s bad shit and I know it’s bad shit but like drinking it had to be my choice to stop.

 And I’m choosing to stop.


3 thoughts on “Day 1 – Done and Dusted

    • hello. V is marketed as an energy drink here in NZ, it’s full of caffeine, gurana and loaded up with sugar. Totally crap for you [like wine]. tastes good [like wine] and is addictive [also like wine]. Ultimately it’s a fizzy energy drink which is just poisonous.


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