Reading a book = eating compulsively

Yep, it’s true. Really getting into a book and enjoying it so much is a trigger for me to eat loads of junk food. While I’m reading it that is.

Why, well I don’t really know. A habit I guess that has developed over many years. And it’s not a great habit to maintain and support yet over the last couple of days as I have really immersed myself in this book I’ve thoroughly indulged this eating behaviour. Which doesn’t thrill me.

I have the same feelings about this and myself that I did when I was drinking. Except now that I’ve stopped drinking I am so much kinder to myself and so much more encouraging and supportive.

What gets me is that a few months ago I made the decision to stop drinking alcohol, being wine mostly and I’ve done that successfully. Yes, it was a bumpy ride at times but I did it and continue to do it. So you would think it’d be easy to stop the less supportive eating behaviours.

The thing is we have to eat don’t we but we don’t have to drink so there is no getting away from food.

Yea, nah. We do have to drink as much as we need to eat. We don’t need to drink alcohol but we do need to drink, our bodies depend on it. Water being the main stay of course but the occasional milk shake from MacDonald’s is acceptable. Same with food, we need it, our bodies need it for survival. As with drinking it’s what we, and by we I mean me, are eating and how we are eating it.

 And it’s more than that to. It’s the beliefs and behaviours running in behind the food that dictate what goes on also.

I think my relationship with food is pretty much the same as with alcohol, I loved it until I didn’t, I felt good until I felt bad, I want to but I don’t.

Ultimately I want to be a better me on all levels.

 I’ve stopped the drinking and I am maintaining that status so now it’s the food I need to apply myself to and step up the improvement there.

But like quitting drinking this too is a process and like all process’s you have to be ready to do it. It’s more than just wanting to. I wanted to stop drinking long before I actually did it and now I want to improve on my eating habits. When I am really ready I’m sure it will all fall into place. I am making changes all the time and like me as a whole it’s an ongoing work in progress.

 Patience is a virtue but not one of mine it seems.

I need to be ready now, after all Hawaii is only months away and I want to step onto those shores looking and feeling better than I currently do.

 Anyone got a magic wand………..


3 thoughts on “Reading a book = eating compulsively

  1. I can sooo relate to this compulsive junk food eating thing! Since this new sober thing, I told myself I could eat whatever I wanted to – and did just that. But it completely spiralled out of control – so that I was feeling and thinking the same kind of thoughts I did when drinking. The eating of certain foods, for me at least, is also an addiction issue, which I have to deal with.


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