Day 225

I’m at day 225, I don’t usually count the days but each time I go on the living sober site I am reminded and actually I like seeing it. A reminder of my success.


And each day has been successful, even the ones where I did struggle and especially the days where I thought stuff it I’m going to drink again. They were success stories because I didn’t drink, I stayed true to myself and I made it through to live another day sober.

And that is kind of awesome.

Right now I’m in a good space, going great guns with alcohol not featuring to much in my mental think tank. I’ve got a lot of challenges coming up this year, sort of firsts in the non drinking arena and I’ve done a little anxiety over them but I equally feel confident I’ll be just fine.

Hubby and I have had a busy weekend with the Nelson Pre 49 hotrod nationals. Events each evening.  I didn’t miss the wine but did miss something nice to drink, the range of non alcoholic beverages was a choice of 2; ginger beer [which I don’t remotely like] and orange juice [which was nice but sickly after the second glass] so I was mighty grateful for at least iced water.

The thing is that I didn’t really mind. I just got on with the evening and had a lot of fun. The bands were great and I enjoyed a good boogie. I was in fits of giggles at one point that hubby jokingly checked the contents of my glass.

When we go away on conference later this year I will be One Year Sober. Some of the group we hang with at these events have no idea I no longer drink. I ‘m not worried about them finding out though, some of them are big drinkers and some quiet drinkers and I’m the sober drinker.

A few months ago looking ahead to one year was just to far in the distance and I couldn’t see past right that moment but now I can see it coming.

There will be challenges in the way before and again after that one year goal but I choose not to see them but just my success and the rewards it brings.

And just to finish on a slightly odd note, I got bitten by a field mouse yesterday. You know, those cute furry twitchy nosed  little very little things……………………who the bloody hell knew they could bite let alone bite hard enough to draw blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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