Sober Growth Spurt

On Saturday I had a sober growth spurt. Hallelujah.

I didn’t see it coming, didn’t think it actually would. I didn’t even realise until the drive home what had happened and what it meant to me.

A sober growth spurt, super exciting.

 Saturday afternoon I went to a friend of a friends who is new to the area. My friend organised a few of her friends to go round for nibbles and drinks. I took along my bottle of sparkling grape juice and they had ………………..Lindeur Bubbles.

 Bubbly wine, my wobbly area, my Achilles heel. Nicely chilled on the table in front of me. In fact over the course of the afternoon there were 3 bottles of bubbly wine.

I did look at the bottle and observed when the drinks were poured but I didn’t click even then what was happening with me.

 I had a lovely time, enjoyed the ladies company, the chatting and the laughter and a few hours later I headed off home. It was on the drive home that it hit me:

– I didn’t care about the bubbly wine

-I didn’t do stress or anxiety or sorrow or anger at it being there but not having any

– I didn’t get the internal shakiness

-I didn’t get that internal voice encouraging me to go on just one

-I may have stared at the bottle but I didn’t glare

I had just had a sober growth spurt. There was bubbly wine and I made it though without actually caring. The enormity of that blew me away, I was feeling quite excited.

I was confident, comfortable and relaxed. There was bubbly wine but for the first time since going sober it didn’t have power over me. I simply was fine.

 Bubbly wine + no adverse reaction = a new milestone. Tick.

 A few days ago @k1W1 asked how do you keep the faith in the crap times. For me in part it’s recognising and celebrating and acknowledging all the little milestones and sober growth spurts along the way. They add up to a bigger picture. Even if you have struggled all day to not have that drink but go to bed still sober then that is a success and worth acknowledging. A crap day or time doesn’t negate anything achieved.

I know I have quite a few challenges coming up – Hawaii in August [HAWAII WOW], Eagles concert in a few weeks, wedding at month’s end, combined 50th of 2 friends – there will be a lot of booze and some of it free for the taking at these events. But with this latest achievement which for me is a biggie I feel sure I can step up the plate of each of these events and with head held high successfully sober drink my way through with no dramas.

 Happy sober growth spurts everyone.


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