The D Word…….

D being for diet, it’s time to really face up to that one.

Years ago I read an article about how Madonna got her pre pregnancy body back. Popcorn, yes she made her own popcorn and ate it. SO simple that I could do that.

And so off I eagerly raced into town to buy my very own weight losing popcorn machine [ good enough for Madonna good enough for me!].

Turns out while the popcorn was fat free, without all it’s adornments it tastes a lot like cardboard and despite my virtuous intentions to maintain my popcorn diet I really didn’t like the taste let alone actually enjoy eating it. So another diet failure and the popcorn machine now graces a spot in the kitchen cupboard, unappreciated and very under worked.

One of my reasons initially for giving up drinking was my belief that the amount I was drinking was significantly contributing to my weight and size. Ironically I’ve actually found a couple of kilos post wine stop thanks to sugary drink substitutes and of course food.

Bloody hell, another failure.

In the past I’ve done weight watchers which did work really well until I rebelled from having to count points all the time, self imposed food restrictions which were so severe I was always hungry and when I fell off that particular wagon it was straight into the pantry devouring what lay in my way. Actually I don’t think I so much as fell off as I jumped with full intention to eat and eat and eat until my hunger and other emotional stuff I didn’t address was sated.

I’ve moved on from those days and fully believe that diets themselves don’t work. I believe that no food is bad or good, it is simply food and any thoughts and feelings about food we have are ones we have created and brought into being. The media brainwashes us regularly with latest studies and super foods and programmes guaranteed to work and what’s the normal suitable best size to be that it’s no wonder we don’t know up from down and have such distorted body images.  It’s  a wonder some of us can even look in a mirror let alone acknowledge that the person looking back is our self.

And body image isn’t about food although that’s where all the blame is laid. Body image is a concept in our head, one we thought and grew and daily feed.

Yes, our body image is our responsibility. No one else lives in our head and our thoughts, just our self.

I don’t have a wonderful body image programme playing in my head all the time but since quitting drinking it’s better than it has ever been, a little weird maybe given that I have gained a little weight.

But here I am, yet again, wanting to lose weight, wanting to be trimmer, wanting to fit into the other half of my wardrobe, wanting to look at myself and see the body I dream about.

So what can I do about it.

Simple, I need to choose to believe I can change. I need to choose to believe I am ready and willing to make the changes required to fit the goal I am setting. I need to choose to believe that I am already that trim gorgeous person and I need to choose to believe the visualisations of myself in those clothes as if right now I am wearing them.

I need to choose to understand I already have the wisdom, knowledge and abilities to bring about those changes in the physical realm – exercise, right food choices for me, – all the practical applications that support a healthier body.

And I really need to choose to love myself as I am right here right now, I need to love this body and to give grateful thanks that I have it and for all it does for me and I really need to promise my body that I will genuinely do my very best to take care of it as it does it’s very best to take care of me.

I need to acknowledge that this is the body I have had all my life and it’s the one I will continue to have for the rest of my life and I am responsible for it’s current condition and size and I need to choose to believe in myself and all those capabilities that I have to take my body to a place we both want to be.

After all if I was able to bring my body to it’s current state then surely I am just as capable of taking it to another state.

And of course I am.

And I need to begin by believing in me and loving me and trusting me.

I stopped drinking, that was tough and I did it.

In 2014 I did something amazing for my body and myself with results far beyond my expectations but which really excite me.

2015 is my year to take that another step further.

And I can do it.

And I will do it.

And I am doing it.





3 thoughts on “The D Word…….

  1. I love your posts – so honest and thought provoking! I find that I obsess less – way less – about my weight since I’ve quit drinking. Threw dieting out the window about two months before the holidays and ended up weighing a couple of pounds less…. crazy! But now I’ve gained a couple and have to get serious, too. We can do this! And I agree with the other commenters…. it all starts with loving ourselves, starting with the very best thing we’ve all done for ourselves, which is walking away from booze. Hugs to you!


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