Blogging is uplifting….

I had lost traction emotionally and was doing sad, lonely and was feeling very low.

Then today I sat down and typed out a couple of blogs to be posted at a later date. The simple act of writing was enough to lift me, to put a smile back in my heart and provide me with a sense of direction once again. I’m not sure what triggered my funk or even perhaps I’m not ready to face up to it. But it’s nice to be back here again where I feel strong and capable.

205 days ago I stopped drinking and to help me on that journey I began blogging about it and I joined a supportive online community []  and through this I’ve been shown another avenue to learn from, to grow from and it’s a great tool dealing with sobriety and all that it raises.

What I have discovered is that when I write I feel productive and useful.  What I found was that taking the thoughts out of my head and writing them down gave me a sense of clarification and understanding. On occasions whilst writing about what was going on the fog would lift from around it and me and I have that “Aha” moment when all is revealed and there is a sense of order and understanding again.

And what’s been really amazing and has provided me with so much is peoples feedback. Certainly I love to read positive things about what I write, I’m always up for ego nurturing but those comments are so much more than that. Peoples comments are


Raw and sharing of themselves


Thought provoking

Causing me to take yet another look at myself, providing me with yet another angle to view from and these comments fuel my desire to continue to succeed at being sober, at my life, at being me.

And occasionally these comments tell me that I am inspiring, I’ve brought them to tears, I’ve given them another way to view their situation. WOW!! That is so amazing and those comments bring me to tears, people being open and honest and raw in their stories brings me to tears. It’s humbling.

What I get from reading peoples blogs, posts, stories, comments they are potentially getting from me. I love that my need to clear my head by writing can be of help to others.

Blogging and the online community have provided me with yet another source of support and learning, where I can grow from and where I find understanding and encouragement and acceptance.

Yes, it’s totally anonymous and yet when a familiar name pops up it’s like an old friend has dropped by and when a new name pops up it’s exciting, a potential new friend with much to share.

For those who lurk welcome, please stay awhile and if you feel up to it please feel most welcome to comment. You will always have something to offer, your comment will always be well received and welcome. Please don’t believe otherwise.

Occasionally I help, occasionally I am humbled, occasionally I am inspired, occasionally I feel relieved and understood, occasionally I laugh, occasionally I feel comforted, even loved, occasionally I am challenged, occasionally I am taught something new. Always I am reflective.

And for all that I am grateful.

Thank you.


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