My Sober Christmas

My first sober Christmas, been there done that, tick that box. Done and dusted.

And actually it was all just fine.

Admittedly I did want to drink wine, in fact I did tell myself stuff it I’m jumping off this wagon and going for a glass of bubbles. Of course I don’t take myself seriously when I’m carrying on like that. Ms Wino it seems is always poised to attack at even the remotest sensing of vulnerability.  My little angelic sober self is now so much stronger that she calmly points out the why’s of staying on that wagon. She does this with such gentleness and confidence that Ms Wino doesn’t even realise until it’s too late that she has been scuttled back to her cave.

And so my first sober Christmas was a sober success and really aside from that nonsensical glitch it was just a normal day and the reality is that I didn’t actually miss not having that wine.

New Years Eve, yep that’s on tonight.  I have my virgin pina colada ingredients chilling in preparation for a special celebratory drink. The nibbles are waiting to be set out. All is well in my sober world.

Friends are coming up to party with us so I know wine will be coming up with them and I know I will shake a little in my sheepskin lined slippers [very relaxed up here and the weather is going to keep us indoors] and I will do some anger at not being able to drink.

And Ms Wino will raise her eager head and begin her consistent campaign to reverse my sober stance. I don’t hold that against her, for years that’s all she has known, it’s been her job to support my drinking and she’s doing the best job she knows how.

But I also know how to subdue her, with love and kindness, and I know how to rise above those rocky moments to forge ahead on the road I stared 6 months ago with 1 year my focus now.

I know very well the benefits that have blessed my life and myself by stopping drinking and even now as I think of them I smile and feel those blessings fall about me like a well worn robe. How exciting to be going in to a brand new year as such a new person, a rebirth of self in some ways, knowing I can continue this way becoming even more wonderful.

One of the neatest funest wonderful exciting invigorating stimulating changes in me and of me is my sex life. [I’m only adding this because I am anonymous here] Oh la la oh wow whew YES YES YES. It’s not that it wasn’t good before it’s just that well I wasn’t so much into it in a big way. Total opposite now. Fantastic.

For me new years is a time to reflect. The same group of friends have been coming up here to party for 4 /5 years now and after the midnight hugs and kisses we review the goals we set for that year and set ones for this new year. It’s really neat. I didn’t set out to stop drinking [which would have been clearly obvious last new years] but it’s my goal for this new year and every one after to stay this way.

Happy New Year to you all.

May it be filled with wondrous blessings, love, fun. Laughter, growth, excitement, gentleness, and may you find yourself on top of your mountain smiling out at yourself in joy.

Catch you all again next year.


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