I Just Don’t Get Why……..??

Busy day yesterday doing firewood in the wind and heat. Good day just busy. As I came inside finally the first thought was I’d love a beer, I’ve earnt a beer. [I didn’t normally drink beer but occasionally I would enjoy one].

And this is what I don’t get – why the beer and why those thoughts. What was it about working that equated with wanting and earning an alcoholic drink??? I didn’t indulge that moment of course, there was never a chance that was going to happen. It was just a thought that popped in and one I allowed to continue on it’s way.

But it did get me thinking and I remembered all those wonderful and often funny Speight’s ads. Or the DB ads from way back or even the gorgeous glossy full page wine promotions in the magazines. Or the add on telly for 9pm – Baileys time. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I did love a Baileys on the rocks. We always use to buy 2 bottles of Baileys through duty free [ I didn’t buy it any other time]. Oh it was such a wonderful decadent treat.

But I digress here as I wander through old memories.

We all know about the impact of subliminal messages, the subconscious response to repeated advertising and the impact of watching excessive amounts of television. Certainly we know to limit what our children as little people watch. But what about us?? Us big people…..

I had earnt my beer that day, I was hot and tired and sweaty and had worked hard. So yep I had earnt my DB.

Okay good, not my fault, bloody advertising.

Okay, so thats not true. I accept responsibility for myself here. And the thing is I didn’t have that mouthful let alone a beer. Equally I won’t allow myself even a mouthful because I simply don’t know won’t be my undoing.

What that moment did do was to get me thinking. Yet again, I do a lot of that. There are still moments, even 125 days later, that catch me by surprise. Little hidden ditches I could so easily trip up in. And it had me questioning the why. It is of course a gift to have those moments where the warning button goes off and the thinking cap immediately comes on. A gift because it’s yet another learning moment which becomes a growth moment and a success moment to celebrate.

Anything that gives our self an opportunity to learn about our self and to gain more insight and understanding of our self on whatever level for whatever reason is a wonderful gift. It’s ours for the taking if we choose to . Even the really hard ones always come with the chance to be empowered for our own highest good. It’s up to us to be listening, to be aware and to allow.

It’ s fair to say I don’t much like a lot of them but I have learnt to listen to them, to me and rather than deny, force back down or ignore and allow them to be. I believe that often we don’t have to do anything with them or about them other than to allow it to be for a moment. And then allow it to move on. Sometimes our bodies and minds and soul and spirit is simply doing some housekeeping and cleaning out crap that doesn’t serve us any longer. If we can keep from panicking and resisting then we are rewarded in such wonderful ways.

Life is truly a journey, continuing through the crap really does enhance the truly good stuff.

So maybe as the advertising suggests I’d earnt my beer I had also earnt my nice cold refreshing soda water with a lemon twist. And I was so much better off for it.

Oh, and moment over J.


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