Well, it was a good weekend……..

Labour weekend has come and gone now and for us it was full on with 3 lots of visitors. It was great though and I really enjoyed it.

There was some drinking done by some of the visitors which I was fine with. Equally I was fine with myself not drinking. Although I do admit to a near absentminded moment after 4 of us did firewood when hubby grabbed a beer out and put it on the bench, I so very nearly grabbed it and had a mouthful. And with hand on heart I can sincerely say thats all I would have had but whew I very nearly did it. I use to love that first mouthful of a fresh beer. Gave me a shock that I nearly did it but then moment was over and the next meal planning was underway.

I did have some initial anxiety about wine being in my fridge but my friend brought up red wine which was never my thing. In fact this friend was really interested in how things were going for me and peoples reactions and can I still use wine in cooking or eat cooking with wine in it and was I okay if she drank wine at my place or would she be rude if she did…………………………..great discussions actually and it gave me a chance to show myself yet again how far I have come and just what I have accomplished.

And again I surprised myself at just how silly, witty and funny I can still be totally sober, except it’s so much more true and real and I am so much more confident and fantastically wonderfully there is no morning after scrutiny of the night before and the inevitable cringing and regret at some of my totally funny and amazing at the time but not so much later behaviour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact that is probably one of my most incredible discoveries post alcohol is finding I am such a better person socially without alcohol. I am in tune with myself, confident [not a word I would usually associate with myself], funny, and in fact I actually enjoy my company. I’ve had a few social situations lately and I’ve observed how I am behaving and feeling and I believe in me. I believe what I am saying to people. Simply I believe in me.

Big WOW!!!!!

So, yes did head into the weekend with confidence at not drinking – I simply don’t do that now – but with a few nerves at facing some firsts. Okay, still haven’t had that bottle of wine in the fridge [I do have red wine here but I only use it in cooking and it’s away in the cupboard where I don’t visit often so for me that hasn’t been an issue, I won’t do any cooking with white wine though, so not sure I’m up to that being around] but there was a wine bottle on my island where I do a lot of my cooking work from and then it found its way into my lounge. Pretty sure I’ll survive when that inevitable bottle of white does find its way up here. Lord help me when bubbly appears though, will need to draw on a pool of strength and courage that day. But hey, pretty sure I’ll survive that to.

I do sober now. I do non alcoholic drinking now. This is my normal.

One last amusing note from the weekend here, my friend said in an email to hubby that my non drinking must be a good thing as she only drank half a bottle of the red wine.

Happy Days everyone.


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