thanks for good friends….

While out at a social club dinner for hubby’s work a mate put his arm around me and quietly asked how the not drinking was going. He was sincere in his query and I was honest in my reply. “it’s going good but it’s hard at times.” We discussed why I had choosen to stop drinking and he discussed his drinking behaviour.  I don’t judge others drinking, my stopping was and is all about me. It was an interesting discussion and he finished by giving me a hug and telling me how proud he was of me. Nice.

And I’m proud of myself actually.

Then at dinner with friends I hadn’t seen in ages I turned up with a bottle of sparkling grape juice which naturally sparked the conversation on why I don’t drink. So I gave my standard reply…….

“ I love drinking, I love it a lot but I was loving it to much and was staring down a road I didn’t want to go so I made a call and I stopped drinking. Also I really want to focus on my energy healing work and alcohol doesn’t work with this.”

And what I love about these guys is there interest was real with perhaps a bit of concern – was it health reasons – but their acceptance was genuine and actually no big deal. Same with my hairdresser – I use to have a glass of wine if I had a late afternoon appointment – in fact she doesn’t drink at all either, doesn’t like it and admits it’s all or nothing for her.

It got me thinking about the people in my life either fully or on the fringe who don’t drink or for whom drinking isn’t a big deal and actually I know quite a few. And thats nice.

I do have a friend I haven’t told yet and am actually doing a little scared to tell for fear of her reaction.

Ultimately it’s my thoughts about myself here that matter the most. I do struggle at times with my decision, at times I really want to flag it and have a drink but my supportive logical self reminds me why I stopped. I won’t have just one glass and thats all I need to remember really.

I love the support I have received and the fact that for most it’s no big deal. I don’t make a big issue out of it and go around announcing it but it does come up in situations. I am grateful for peoples love and understanding.


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