Alcohol Removed wine…………………………….

My sister put me onto Eden Vale alcohol removed wine. Alcohol free wine. Seemed like a good idea and I thought it would be nice to take a bottle round to a friends that night for dinner. So I checked it out at the supermarket.

  • It’s found in the wine section at the supermarket
  • Has a wine name – Chardonnay or Shiraz
  • Is less than 0.5% alcohol
  • Has a wine type price – approx $12 a bottle
  • Has a wine type label
  • And is in a wine type bottle

So I studied this whilst in the aisle at the supermarket and thought with all of that on a sub-wine-conscious level would I simply just be buying a bottle of wine. Yes it was alcohol removed although at less than 0.5% does that still constitute alcoholic content?? I don’t know.

I left the supermarket with my bottle of sparkling grape juice. I know that for me it felt safe and in no way reminded me of wine. So for me that was the best choice. If I brought a bottle of alcohol removed wine looking and sounding so much like wine I’m not sure if I would make that association of drinking safe wine and if that would lead to a slippery slope of well I drank that one fine so why not wine in general.

Of course I could be over thinking it. I guess the right choice is the one that leaves us feeling in control and safe. I applaud the efforts to come up with an alternative but for me I need to know there is a big difference in what I am drinking so that mentally I am not fooling myself.

I 72 days alcohol removed and I am excited to this journey through another 72 days.

Love and laughter



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