I’m Happy!

Yep, I’ve got my happy on. I’ve had it on all day. I know that like items of clothing my happy will be exchanged for something else, same, similar or completely opposite but for right now I’ve got my happy on. I welcome it, I desire it and I think it glows. I have little buzzes thrilling their way through my system. Why am I so happy today, well I don’t specifically know but I intend to fully embrace it while it’s here. I acknowledge with immense gratitude that I do indeed live a charmed life, I have a home I adore on land I just love, I don’t have to go out to work so I get to indulge myself a little through out the day which is something I’ve actually had to get use to. I have 2 wonderful grown sons, a dearest hubby and my first grandchild on the way. [I may not be old enough to be a nana but hey I am super excited!!!!].

I’m currently reading Jason Vale, “Kick the drink easily”. I’m not very far into it but thus far it’s interesting and thought provoking and he has made some very good points. One of his comments in the beginning is that is very possible to be “Free” and that his book will show you how. Now, I aspire to this freedom – free from worrying about alcohol, thinking about it, believing I am missing out on something and so on. I’ve already achieved step one, I’ve stopped. A few years back my son had meningitis. The emergency Dr told us he was very lucky, he had a 2 hour window of survival and his wonderful friend got him to the hospital in time, stuck with him and dearest hubby had all the answers to get them looking beyond teenager, drugs and alcohol to seeing there was something far worse happening to my boy. He’s fine now. One of my most cherished moments is when he woke up and said ‘Hey”. So, if the worst thing I will experience is my decision to give up alcohol then I’ll take it and all that goes with it. I’ve got my happy on and it’s all mine, not inspired by imbibed substances and I can, no I AM, doing this.

Making the decision to stop drinking alcohol has already lead to some incredible changes in my life. I am seeing just how strong I am. Yes, I’ve done struggle but I’ve done it. I got through. I started blogging and I am loving what that brings to me, this creative relief and place to go. So much so that I am actually considering a second blog, unrelated to alcohol and completely separate. I am loving writing and I have discovered a well within where I feel I have something more to offer. AND, but wait there’s more, I’ve drafted an ad to go in the local newsletters offering healing services. I’ve trained for this and once again I really feel this is something I am good at and can do. Without alcohol I am free to be open to what it may bring and I am super excited at the thought of getting going in this.

I acknowledge that I will experience various bumps along the way. But thus far on my alcohol free journey I have done struggle and confusion and I still do confusion [it’s early days yet] but I have also had some incredible rewards I may not have had otherwise.

I’ve got a 50th party to go to this Saturday and as we are staying over I don’t have that wonderful excuse of being the sober driver to prevent me from wanting a drink. So, I am putting some plans into place. Taking along my very cool redneck wineglass and am researching something nice to make and take along to drink.

Funny story, I was goggling non alcoholic drink sites and found one for 25 non alcoholic summer drinks so was reviewing what they had to offer. Now please note this site specifically stated non alcoholic drinks. Here are the ingredients for the very first recipe: fresh mint, ice, lemonade and 1oz of rum………………………….. Had to laugh.

So got my happy on. Day 23 and happily doing it. Loving my life.

Love and laughter





Blogging, writing, advertising my services, believing I can actually do these things and have something to offer, would I have done this anyway. Would I have done this even if I hadn’t chosen to give up alcohol??? You know what, I really don’t think I would have.


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