17 days sober…

Dearest Hubby hates that expression. He does not want to hear me saying that about myself like that. It’s fine to say 17 days alcohol free but not 17 days sober. He thinks it makes me sound like a total drunk, always pissed with no control and a shit life as part of the lush package. He agrees that I [and actually we] drink to much and need to cut down.

Bless him. He’s supportive but initially didn’t know how to be supportive of my decision to go alcohol free. I had to help him – tell me when in say I want a drink about how great I am doing, how strong I am, look how far I’ve come, hang in there I can do it!!!! oh and sit down and i’ll give you a foot massage [my particular favourite]. He’s taken that on board and is doing his best.

Yesterday I said lets go into the village. Why he wondered. I want a bottle of wine said I .[I don’t know why]. Dearest Hubby laughed, hugged me and said no. Stay strong, you are doing great. Just what I needed to hear and wanted to hear.

Thank goodness Dry July came along when it did. It was my platform to launch myself from. A safe easy way to explain why I’m not drinking. Oh I’m doing Dry July, haha. See if I can last aye. Haha. joke joke. Of course come post Dry July then I’ll have to explain why I’m still not drinking. Right here right now though I’m feeling okay about that. I don’t owe explanations and I believe totally in my decision even if I don’t always like it.

Hubby is actually using my alcohol free state to strengthen his resolve to not drink during the week and thus far he’s right on track. Makes it easier for me to I guess.

And I’m loving the savings made here.

It’s a beautiful day today, I am 17 days sober and I am doing it.


love and laughter



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